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Stelline 2021: new platforms for archives

At the Stelline 2021 conference in Milan, Ibridamente presented the result of the survey dedicated to archival description software, realized from February to September 2021. 

Starting from the first investigation dedicated to university archives carried out in 1994 (see Storia delle università italiane. Archivi, fonti, indirizzi di ricerca. Atti del convegno Padova, 27-29 ottobre 1994, edited by Luciana Sitran Rea, Trieste, Lint, 1996), the contribution
  • comments on the genesis and evolution of softwares for archival description, in Italy
  • illustrates the status of web publication about the finding aids dedicated to university archives, in Italy
  • analyzes the 2021 “Archival Arrangement and Description: Global Practices” report ICA International Council on Archives, comparing the results with the survey conducted by Ibridamente.

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