Annuario 2020 – Gli archivi della FEMCA CISL – Flavio Conia e Chiara Cambrai

In 2019 FEMCA CISL started a project of identification and description of documentary material accumulated since the beginning of the 20th century by various trade unions that acted on behalf of FEMCA itself. The FILTA CISL archives, located in the national headquarters of FEMCA in Rome, stands out for containing documents produced by corporations of the fascist era, Federtessile and FUILA. The archival work carried out on this fonds, financed by the Direction General for Archives (DGA), concerns photographic material and aims to secure it from dispersion. At the conclusion of this work, the DGA will proceed to make a declaration of significant historical interest. In fact, the fonds, in addition to revealing the textile sector from the point of view of a national trade union and of its achievements with regard to workers’ rights, also represents a starting point for a discussion on the preservation of trade union archives in Italy.

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