Annuario 2020 – “Seguendo il ritmo del sogno” – Giovanni Luca Dilda

The essay reconstructs the life of Walter Toscanini during his years in Milan, outlining his business and cultural activity before moving to the United States. Born in Turin, Toscanini completed his studies in Milan, Pavia and Urbino, where he graduated in law, following his enlistment and the end of the First World War. Aa a young man he was passionate about old books and refined letterpress printing and worked at the bookshop, publishing house and art gallery Bottega di Poesia of Earl Castelbarco. Later he created his own company dedicated to antique books and, finally, he
worked for the Mondadori publishing house. His multifaceted interests make of him one of the major collectors of materials dedicated to the art of dance – thanks also to his love for the étoile Cia Fornaroli, and a profound connoisseur of the poetry of Pietro Aretino and the sexual mores of the sixteenth century. His sincere democratic and anti-fascist sentiments put him in open conflict with the Mussolini regime.

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