Annuario 2020 – Le carte Petrotta – Sara Manali

The proposed paper aims to present the archive of Gaetano and Rosolino Petrotta, Sicilian-Albanians, promoters of the political, religious and cultural life of the Albanian historic minority communities of Italy. In the Petrotta fund, kept in the Historical Archive of the Piana degli Albanesi Eparchy, still lies a large part of the two brothers’ political and cultural activities over a period of time that goes from the early twentieth century to the sixties. Consisting – or, better to say, hosted –of about 50 items, now in the description phase, the small but important documentary fund contains memoranda, notes, leaflets, private and institutional correspondence, organizational drafts, newspaper clippings, drafts of books, magazines, offering to the user a slice of political-cultural life aimed at the construction, maintenance and defense of the Italian-Albanian identity.

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